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Gimcat Multi Vitamin 50g

Gimcat Multi Vitamin 50g

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Gimcat Multi Vitamin Paste 50g

GimCat Multivitamin contains 12 essential vitamins
to strengthen the cat's natural physical defences.
Valuable building nutrients and dietary fibres
support the cat's development, a beautiful skin
and coat, and its well-being. Also highly
recommended for breeding and show cats.

Supplementary food for cats.

Feeding recommendation:
Feed 5 cm (1 cm = approximately 0.5 g) per day,
ideally from the hand, directly from the tube. Can
also be added to food. Feed at room temperature.


  • Taurine to maintain good eyesight and heart functions.
  • Keeps the skin and fur looking good
  • Dietary fibers are important for the intestinal flora.
  • Provides valuable strengthening and dietary fiber components.
  • Particulary recommendable for breeding and show cats.
  • Contain 12 vital vitamins to strengthen the natural defensive