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Sanko - Supple Vitamin C

Sanko - Supple Vitamin C

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Supple Vitaminc C is an Excellent long-term stability of vitamin C used. Suitable for guinea pig, deg, rabbit and chinchilla.

By supplement of vitamin C to your pet, will help to the Increasing resistance to  pathogen, and speed recover on any infection or prevention of  infection.

Sanko Supple Vitamin C will boost immunity and act as an invasion of the virus in the body. It also act as an nutrients that are important to maintain a healthy pet.

The guinea pig and degu, like human body,  can not produce vitamin C by it own.
So, we need to supplement in the diet. Feed each day 1 table of Sanko Supple C to your pet,
Vitamin C deficiency is a serious problem. This product is stable for long-term vitamin C,as an assistance to help maintain the health of your pets.