Chubbypetsgarden® Sugar Glider Dry Shampoo - EXTRA Quick Dry 115ml
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Brand Chubbypetsgarden®
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Chubbypetsgarden® Sugar Glider Dry Shampoo EXTRA Qucik Dry is specially formulated for the Sugar Glider's supple skin and lustrous coat . Gentle, tearless shampoo cleans, conditions, and deodorises sugar glider with Extra Anti-Bacteria agent to eliminate strong odour or stain on your glider's coat.
It's detergent-free and no animal by products.

Simply spray on your palm, massage onto the coat and towel dry. Works great if the pet is skiddish or doesn't like to get wet.

- Specially formulated for Sugar Glider.
- Cleans and refreshes.
- Conditions the skin as well as the coat.
- Helps relieve itching and moisturises dry skin.
- No water or rinsing required! Just apply and massage onto the coat.
- Pleasant, relaxing fragrance.

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